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  • January,2000
    JIYUAN Mould is founed in January 2000, who rented a factory of 1000 square meters to start business with national famous enterprise ,such as Good Baby, TaiWan Plastic Group(XiaMen, Fuwu)plastic Co.,Ltd,XiaHua Electron Co.,Ltd,ShangHai Volkswagen Group, Feidiao electric home appliance ,American Cosco etc.

    Be rewarded of ISO9001 CCIQ.

    Re-rent a bigger factory of 2000SQ. meter because of speed development,Meanwhile we bought injection machines &gas-assisted equipment while technical project is taken.

    Auto handle&child safety-seat mould with gas-assisted mould, twin-color injection mould,rotary pipe fitting mould is awarded as national grade new product &international advaced technology by China Die & Mould Industry Association technology committee.

    We has occupied our own new plant of 8000SQ. meter to enlarge production scale.


    We completed the first BMC mould for BMC chair .

    January ,2003
    We start to take oversea market as our new blueprint and positively develop it,which lead us to sign up coopertative agreement with lranian company – BONYAN DORIKA CO,which is the first agency of Jiyuan abroad.

    Anther new plant is built up, which occupy 25000SQ.meter.

    Further to the development of Jiyuan,who begin to rule enterprise standard,such as mould design standard , mould-inspection standard,which make quality better.

    Modern &standard workshop is put in use.

    Isral Mor Gal is the second agency of Jiyuan aborad because of friendly &long-time business co-operation.

    ISO9001 CQC is passed.

    Sweden PHOTO CO. is the third agency of abroad because of friendly &long-time business co-operation.

    Geely inside -handle injection mould ,valve injection mould is awarded as international advanced-level of the 10th by China Die & Mould Industry Association technolodgy committee.

    Jiyuan continue to invest on equipment to improve quality, which had 12 sets high-precision CNC 2 high speed machining and 15 sets high-precision injection machine.

    August, 2004
    Jiyuan housewares & mould base factory is set up which make relevant industry chain to be stretched and developed.

    Februaru, 2005
    Jiyuan successfully become to be the appointed supplier of kids article department of IKEA Sweden after Iway, Qway is passed by IKEA.

    May, 2005
    Turkish Mete Plastik is the forth agency of Jiyuan abroad because of friendly & long-time business cooperation.


    Dec, 2005
    We have completed 100 BMC moulds.For example ,BMC chair moulds ,BMC EM box moulds,BMC automobile moulds,BMC

    ammeter moulds  BMC MOULD FOR AMMETERS  and so on.   

    The BMC mould design center has been set up.We reduced 3 days time to make BMC moulds in average.