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  • Enterprise target: to make the enterprise bigger by seizing the chance for development to make the enterprise stronger by enhancing the foundation for the shape of the brand.
    The core of value-orientation: human-oriented honesty-first credit-based harmony-valued.

    The enterprise style: quickness steadiness honesty strictness.

    Quickness: be quick in reaction be quick in action to succeed by quickness to seize the opportunity.

    Steadiness: be bold and decisive in action be adept in reaction be accurate in making a policy be steady in handling matters.

    Honesty: be an honest person, honest in word and honest in deed practical-results-based.

    Strictness: be a strict person, set an example with one's own conduct, be strict in management, be constant in improving things The concept of operation: to meet the customers' requirements, customer-first The competitive force of the enterprise: strength, vitality, credit.

    The managing philosophy: Self -integrated with transcend-self, system balanced with culture.

    The beliefs of the manager: Behavior before deed, self-disciplined ahead of others-disciplined, personnel-chosen after personnel-cultivated.