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  • In Jiyuan, We make SMC/BMC/DMC mould for the custormer all around the world. Some Customer asked me:

    what is the diffrent among SMC mould , BMC mould, DMC mould?  

    BMC Mould meaning ,The products material is BMC , due the difference between BMC and Plasitc.

    Bulk Molding Compound is a raw material form. BMC can be molded in limitless colors and can even be formulated in a way to simulate natural stones such as marble or granite. Common applications for BMC are diverse. From automotive lighting, to grill side plates, to numerous industrial applications, BMC has proven to be a versatile material choice.

    SMC mould , Like BMC mould. is another special Plastic.Sheet Molding Compound is a raw material form. Often, SMC is employed versus BMC in compression molding in order to achieve higher mechanical strengths.Common applications are for electrical insulators and other structural applications in Aerospace and Defense. Making news of late, SMC has found a niche in automotive body panels as a replacement of sheet metal.

    Now, In CHINA, we are family with SMC mould,BMCmould and DMC mould.

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